Our Founder

Zack Pelzel

In 2008, Zack Pelzel set off on a 200-mile, 19-day trek in the Sierra Nevada backcountry. Record-breaking snowfall and freezing weather made for a grueling trip, exacerbated by inadequate supplies and finding himself occasionally lost in the wilderness. Rising despair would eventually give way to calm well-being by connecting with nature’s cadence—the sunset/sunrise sleep/wake cycle, drinking fresh mountain stream water, breathing tree- purified air, and grounded in the earth’s natural electrical energy....

Pelzel’s experience in the Sierra wilderness ultimately underscores The Purified Home’s four pillar philosophy—the harmonizing health benefits of clean air, fresh water, balanced light, and a natural electrical environment. As Founder and driving force behind the groundbreaking company, Pelzel is uniquely qualified to command the home purification process, leveraging extensive experience in the building industry, a career as a professional athlete, and five years of research and clinical practice towards a Master’s degree in Acupuncture & Oriental Medicine. His fully integrated approach to home health is key for identifying issues that compromise our well-being and for aligning ancient holistic principles and modern science to offer healthy solutions.

The Purified Home is fueled by our passion for living a more healthful happy life, says Pelzel. “Our mission is to provide the best opportunity for the optimal health of our clients by bringing their living environments into harmony with nature.”  

Cornerstone Philosophy

To transform a house into a home requires a holistic approach.

Essentially a healthy home is an extension of its residents: it should support and reinforce their best potential.

The Purified Home model of health evolved out of necessity when the founder noticed something very profound.


While moonlighting as a handyman and completing his masters in holistic, natural and Chinese medicine he had a  spontaneous realization or “aha” moment. The majority of sicknesses and disease were a direct result of what we are exposed to in the home. No matter how many herbs or pharmaceuticals were prescribed or treatments performed, if our living environment and the 4 pillars were not addressed, our families would always be at risk. At that moment it became crystal clear, lasting change and optimal health begins at home. It is the environment that we eat, sleep and rejuvenate in consistently, that provides the greatest opportunity for well-being. A subsequent realization made the vision more clear.  All biological and physiological processes are a combination of the 4 pillars. When they are harmonized in the home, health and wellness has to follow. Once the 4 pillars are understood and integrated into the awareness of the homeowner, a seed is planted and a 5th element is born, “wholeness”.


The Purified Home sees an opportunity to address the significant sources of stress and toxins that exist in the home and replace them with a safe, effective solution. The Purified Home Snapshot heightens awareness of stressors and toxins ubiquitous to built living environments. Our clients begin to fundamentally shift how they approach health and simultaneously add value to their home and life. The Purified Home empowers its clients to create conscious, cleaner, life enhancing living environments. The carcinogens and stressors in the home cause chronic weakening of the immune system and premature degradation of the human body. Purifying the home is an act of prevention and restoration; it is an integral step towards moving from health to wellness and ultimately into wholeness. Treating the home with this respect and reverence makes it a sanctuary for rest, recovery, and rejuvenation. More fundamental to our survival than food and exercise are 4 core concepts that must be addressed to begin health optimization. Our body is literally composed of and functions as a direct result of the interdependency of these 4 pillars.



Did you know blood consists of 83 percent water, the brain and muscles are 75 percent water, and bones are 22 percent water? Water is responsible for regulating body temperature, removing waste, and cushioning joints. It is the vehicle by which nutrients and oxygen are carried into cells. The average human being can only survive up to three days without water before the body begins to shut down. Water is quite possibly the coolest, most important and taken for granted molecule on earth. Most people understand the importance of drinking high quality water. But what about that hot shower or bath, where the absorbent genius that is your skin opens its pores and begins interacting with whatever exists in the water, the most harmful of which is chlorine and or chloramines? These chemicals are used to keep water safe from bacteria while in transit from the local water municipality to your tap.

The approach TPH takes in addressing your home's water is thorough.

Air Quality and Ventilation

Photo by Serenethos/iStock / Getty Images

Medically speaking, most doctors agree the human body can survive for three to four weeks without food, depending on your body type and environmental conditions. But how long can we survive without air? Well, the world record for holding the breath underwater is just over 22 minutes, set by Tom Sietas of Germany. For most of us, however, the longest amount of time we can hold our breath is about three to five minutes. Do us a favor plug your nose and close your mouth for a minute. This goes to show just how important air is for the human body. And having quality air and adequate ventilation is fundamental for optimal health. Millions of Americans suffer from a host of maladies due to poor air quality in the home, including hay fever, asthma, and allergies. Not to mention the risk of transmission of influenza, upper respiratory tract infections and the common cold. Poor air quality in the home can even contribute to lung cancer.

The solution to purify the air we breathe is dual-natured.

Electricity and EMFs

The human body is a bio-energetic phenomenon that generates its own electromagnetic frequencies from birth to death. The heart and brain generate the strongest frequencies in the body, and without electric impulses traveling along our nerve fibers to muscles and bones we would not exist. In order to maintain homeostasis and balance in the body and mind, we must live in dynamic equilibrium with the subtle electromagnetic frequencies generated by mother earth. (See the earth’s heartbeat)
Certain types of manmade electromagnetic frequencies are used in maintaining health with great efficacy including the use of muscle stimulators by physical therapists, bone stimulators by orthopedic surgeons, laser eye surgeries by ophthalmologists, and the use of electromagnetic radiation to treat cancer by oncologists. One critical difference exists in each of these applications and that is the type of electromagnetic frequency used. Regardless, there should be no question: electromagnetic frequencies affect the human body.

TPH takes into account that technology is not going to disappear; and since our bodies are also electro-chemical systems that are influenced by external frequencies, key points must be addressed in a home to make it a sanctuary.


In today’s world, our eyes are inundated with artificial light during the day and well into the night. This is contrary to our evolutionary programming, as light is used by both the eyes and skin to maintain normal bodily function. For example, photoreceptors in the eyes are responsible for converting specific light waves into electrical impulses. These electrical impulses travel via the optic nerve to the brain and then to the hypothalamus gland, which is directly responsible for the autonomic or automatic functions of the body including regulating our body temperature, breathing, blood pressure, digestion, moods, appetite and immune function. Modern energy efficient lighting technologies are also a significant source of environmental and neurological stress.

Discover the power of light and what factors are considered from The Purified Home approach.

The Purified Home has been such a blessing to our family. Thanks to Zack we are healthier and happier than ever before. My husband’s asthma – gone! Brittle skin and hair – gone! And there’s a longer list of other chronic conditions my family and I are no longer suffering from, all thanks to The Purified Home’s services and solutions. Zack’s wealth of knowledge on all things regarding a natural environment has enlightened us and in retrospect is perfect common sense! I think I speak for many when I say we have been conditioned to live in a less than natural environment. Step by step he has helped us get back to the basics and live in a natural stress and toxic free environment. Breathing clean air, drinking clean water should not be luxuries but inherent in our living environments. Unfortunately it isn’t, in today’s consumer focused world it requires putting forth some effort and making informed meaningful choices. Zack has helped us at 2 homes now in two different states and we really appreciated his consultative approach both times. The insights he shared about each area’s ecosystem and water supply allowed us to make informed decisions on custom solutions at each home. We work out of the house, so it truly is where we ‘live’ on a daily basis and having a healthy home was essential to us. I would be more than happy to vouch for the products/equipment we are now using thanks to Zack and The Purified Home, please feel free to contact me for details.
— ~Ursula Travis’
I reached out to Zack when we moved into our new apartment. Being 8 months pregnant, it was time to install a great water system in the house. I didn’t have a ton of time to do research so I put myself in Zack’s hands. Not only was he extremely knowledgeable about the different types of water filtration systems, he was always available to answer questions and do further research if required. Our latest inquiry was into air purifiers. Again, not only was his knowledge extensive in the area, he supplied us with great data, tables and charts of the top products on the market and even provided the pros and cons of the systems. Not only is Zack an expert in the field, he is extremely personable and reliable. Thank you Zack of The Purified Home!!!
— ~Jeni Rohlin Acupuncturist, Wellness Physician and Mother
Living in Reno, NV we have all had to get used to very hard water and the damage it does to plumbing fixtures, shower doors, toilets, clothing, and landscaping rock and decorative concrete. Also, it seems that the water companies keep adding more and more chlorine to the water causing odor and poor taste. A few months ago, my wife and I purchased the EQ-400 with a salt-free softener from Zack Pelzel at The Purified Home. Now we can actually drink right out of the tap in the kitchen without the bad smell or taste of chlorine. Our clothes smell fresh and stay white, no more toilet rings, and our landscaping is starting to return to normal without the white rings. The water filtration system has been a fantastic investment for out house and for our health. I would highly recommend the product and The Purified Home to anyone.
— Damien from Reno, NV
Working with Zack is always a great experience. He takes the time to research and find the best products for his customers. Plus, he has a wealth of knowledge when it comes to the identifying of toxins and sources of unnatural stress in the household. I love the fact that he is always willing to educate his customers so they can make informed decisions when it comes to purchasing products for the home. We purchased a Berkey Water Filtration System from him a little over 6 months ago, and we absolutely LOVE it. He was very knowledgeable about the system, and he really worked with us to find the right size for our household while getting us a great price. Thank you Zack! You are definitely our go to guy when it comes purifying our home.
— Joanna Montoya Fowler, LAc
As a doctor and healthcare professional, I have dedicated my career to helping my patients live healthy, stress and toxin-free lives. I attend to my own health and the lives of my family with equal dedication. I have been increasingly concerned about the quality of my water living in a big city, and after educating myself on all aspects of the water issue, I determined that I also wanted to remove the fluoride from my water. With so much information at hand, making a decision about water purification was overwhelming, but The Purified Home came to my rescue. The Purified Home took out all the guesswork for me, and educated me on exactly what I needed to stay healthy and receive the best quality product. They helped me install my Berkey Water Purifier and made me feel confident in my decision. I plan to use The Purified Home for all my future needs, including filtering the water in my showers and also air filters. And of course, I recommend the services of Purified Home to all of my patients and colleagues!
— Dr. Gretchen Badami, Doctor Of Acupuncture and Oriental Medicine

Our Code of Ethics


The Purified Home Inspector shall understand, adhere to and apply all principles laid forth in the Hippocratic Oath of “1st do no harm”, and apply the highest level of respect to all living environments.

The Purified Home Inspector shall service all of his or her clients with the utmost respect, and provide unparalleled service and professionalism before, during, and after the implementation of the Purified Home Snapshot, Wellness Intake, and Action Plan.

The Purified Home Inspector shall apply all the principles set forth in The Purified Home training manual and execute them with efficiency, excellence, and thoroughness.

The Purified Home Inspector shall avoid conflicts of interest by neither accepting nor offering allowances or commissions, indirectly or directly, nor recommending or referring any form of repair of the home or replacement parts of the home to himself or herself, or to other parties.

The Purified Home Inspector shall offer an opinion only when it is based on the technical training, practical experience, and or an honest assessment, and in accordance with The Purified Home standards.

The Purified Home Inspector shall suggest to the Client when certain conditions fall outside the scope of the Snapshot, Wellness Intake, and Action Plan.

The Purified Home Inspector shall endeavor to support and advance the professional reliability, integrity, and application of the Purified Home Living concept.

The Purified Home Inspector shall commit to the intention of adding value and improving the quality of life of all Clients.