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The journey into the house begins with “The Snapshot”. This is the critical first step towards creating a living environment that supports optimal health. The Snapshot is a comprehensive evaluation of the occupants and how they relate to the external and internal stressors that exist in the home. The snapshot is a thorough evaluation and assessment of the 4 pillars,  aimed at identifying toxins, contaminants and stressors in the home. 

  • Comprehensive 4 pillar testing and evaluatio includes, air quality particle scan,
  • Water quality report and general sampling (lab analysis not included)  
  • Testing of the most common EMF that exist in the home (electric, magnetic fields, radio and microwave frequencies)
  • Lighting evaluation includes identification of blue light sources, flicker and unhealthy color temperatures of energy efficient bulbs. 
  • Visual inspection of HVAC components and filter, ducting, grill, furnace, condenser. 
  • Identification of external environmental factors
  •  Visual inspection for mold, asbestos in crawlspaces and attics (sampling is recommended)
  • Evaluation of water mains, scale formation, hard water damage
  • VIsual inspection materials i.e. flooring, counters, walls, plumbing, wiring
  • Furnishings and Finishes i.e. paints, varnishes, sofas, curtains, chairs
  • Household cleaning supplies




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The second step towards optimizing health is “The Wellness Intake”.

This is a thorough evaluation of the medical history of all occupants that reside in the home. The wellness intake is a fusion of modern western medicine, classical Chinese medicine, and natural medicine principles. This gives us a more unified and holistic look at our clients overall health. A licensed health care practitioner in The Purified Home network will review each occupant’s intake form and the findings will be incorporated into the overall Purification Plan.




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The Purified Plan is the 3rd integral step towards creating a healthy home. This step includes a report of findings based on all the information gathered in “The Snapshot” and “the Wellness Intake”. The report includes specific details on each aspect of the home as it pertains to health. This includes the testing results, the calculated toxin load, and potential sources of stressors and contaminants that exist outside and inside the home. The Purified Plan takes into account all information from steps 1 and 2 and creates a unique plan that caters to your family’s specific needs. The Purified Plan includes an estimate for the completion and implementation of the necessary upgrades to achieve the CERTIFIED PURE standard of excellence.




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This step is the actual implementation of The Purified Plan. This is where we start to integrate our home on all four levels of awareness. This is the step where we begin to convert your home into a sanctuary.

Licensed contractors or journeymen who have incorporated the principles of The Purified Home code of excellence perform all necessary upgrades. This insures your home is treated with the utmost respect and care. After all upgrades are implemented, follow up testing is performed to achieve the CERTIFIED PURE standard of excellence.

Based on your living arrangement, there is a Purified Home Package to meet your needs.