Certified Home Pure Service

This is an all inclusive and extensive application of “The Snapshot”. Specialists in each area of the 4 pillars perform advanced evaluations and extensive testing. The Purified Home acts as consultant and project manger and works directly with licensed electricians, HVAC contractors, builders and plumbing specialists to oversee and implement the necessary mitigation strategies and upgrades to the home. This includes all testing laid forth in “The Snapshot”. The Certified Pure Service includes “The Snapshot”, “The Wellness Intake”, and “The Purified Plan” and it guarantees your home will reach the Certified Pure Standard of Excellence. 

The Purified Home Signature Service

This Purified Home Signature Service is our introductory service and is performed by in house team members. It covers the core concepts laid forth in “The Snapshot”, “The Wellness Intake”, and “The Purified Plan”. Please refer to “The Snapshot” for the tests that will be performed. This comprehensive service will significantly improve living conditions and offer a superior level of protection from exogenous and endogenous factors that exist in the home. While this service plan does not guarantee your home will reach the Certified Pure standard of excellence in many cases it does. Homeowners will learn about all the various aspects of the home as it pertains to health. An abundance of knowledge is delivered in this service, which empowers the homeowner to make many of the necessary upgrades without added expenses. 

The Portable Package

This Purified Home Portable Package allows individuals who are in temporary living environments to reap the benefits of The Purified Home living model. An abbreviated version of “the snapshot” or a phone interview will be conducted in order to assess the specific needs of the client. The Purified Home will appoint a team member to call and discuss the various options for remediation. All solutions offered are portable in nature and allow the client to take them with them upon departure. Some testing is performed in this package. 

The Do-It-Yourself Package

This program is for the savvy homeowners who wish to perform the evaluations themselves. A complete copy of the “The Snapshot” and “The Wellness Intake” form are sent to the homeowner. After the homeowner has completed the required evaluations it is then sent back to The Purified Home at which point “The Purified Plan” is created and delivered to the homeowner. This package includes four Purified Home follow up calls.

Remote Consulting Service

This service is available for anyone interested in taking the necessary steps towards creating a healthier living environment in markets outside our reach. An intake form will be sent to the homeowner and filled out with the aid of A Purified Home specialist. Upon completion the snapshot will be submitted and an action plan will be formulated. The homeowner then has the option to implement the plan on their own or hire TPH to remotely oversee and hire all necessary trades in order to per form the upgrade. 

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